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Top 20 Epoxy Resin Coffee Table Ideas

The Yew Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Epoxy resins is not just fiber reinforced polymer composites anymore like it used to be. Today, epoxy resin is used as the binder in countertops or coatings for floors. You can find
epoxy adhesives are sold in your local hardware stores. The multitude of use cases for epoxy continues to getting bigger and bigger, and variants of epoxies are constantly being manufactured to fit the expanding industries and products they are used in. Here are some things that epoxy resin is used in:

  • General purpose adhesives
  • As the binder in cement and mortars
  • Rigid foams
  • Non-skid coatings
  • Solidifying sandy surfaces in oil drilling
  • Industrial coatings
  • Potting and encapsulating media
  • Fiber reinforced plastics

In the furniture world, epoxy resin is widely used as coatings, adhesives, fillers and binders in the manufactory. When applied as coatings to a wood furniture, e.g: a coffee table, resin will make the coffee table to look like having a glossy glass like finish making it an elegant piece of furniture. One of the trendy use of epoxy resin when making a coffee table on these days is to use the epoxy as an filling, binding piece of wood or more, shaping it to a unique furniture with modern or contemporary style.

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Coffee Table?

epoxy coffee table plans
Example of diy epoxy coffee table plans

So you must be asking how can you make your own epoxy resin coffee table. First, grab a piece of paper and draw the design of the coffee table you have in your head. You have to decide how the epoxy resin reside in the coffee table. Whether you want epoxy river coffee table with the epoxy resin binds two slabs of wood together or an abstract one which it filled a space of unfinished raw wood. And don’t forget to pick a color of resin. Some color may affect the style of the coffee table that you make. You can make the color of resin glow in dark by using a special coloring paint that glow in the dark. When making the design, remember to choose the shape and size of the coffee table that match your living room space. And of course, decide what base material your coffee table with sits on.

After you satisfied with your design in your mind, you need to prepare the materials for making the coffee table. You can choose what type of wood you want to have as table top, because every wood will have difference weight and its own unique feature which impacts how the finished furniture will look. When making the resin coffee table you’ll face a lot of sanding, so you need to prepare a lot of sandpaper.

So here’s the step by step on how to make coffee table with epoxy resin. Make the base first. Then, to make the tabletop, cut the wood that suits your design. Make a cover that will hold the resin in its place. Mix the resin with you coloring paint. Pour it in. Then wait, until the resin hardened. Sand it, a lot of sand it, until it feels smooth. Then joint it with the base. Finnish it.

20 Best Examples of Coffee Table
Design with Epoxy Resin.

Because every resin coffee table is very unique, we are gathering some design ideas for you in case you want to make it your own. Here is the top 25 inspirations of epoxy resin coffee table for your living room. Some of which are diy projects, others are manufactured that are currently on sale.

1. The Yew Epoxy Resin Coffee Table.

The Yew Epoxy Resin Coffee Table
Picture of live edge yew epoxy resin coffee table with gold metal base in an edge of room.

One of the wood materials often used in coffee table is the yew. Yew is one of the hard softwood. It has characteristic to be flexible yet strong. Making your coffee table not weight so much but as strong as other.

2. Epoxy Resin River Coffee Table.

Epoxy Resin River Coffee Table
Example of epoxy resin river coffee table with red oak and black trapesium wooden base in a white room with wooden floor.

This is one of the best style of resin coffee table. The resin looks like river that split two land made of light finished red oak table top.

3. DIY Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

DIY Epoxy Resin Coffee Table
Image of round coffee table with live edge wood with crystal clear epoxy resin and metal frame between blue chair and yellow sofa alongside plants.

This DIY project by Aleksandr of round coffee table is very inspiring. The result is simple yet so elegant. He placed it very beautifully in his living room between two chairs. Make sure to read his instruction on livemaster.

4. Live Edge Epoxy Resin Coffee Table.

Example of live edge long coffee table with resin filled table top And legs

We like this design so much. It’s very simple yet seems so elegant. The epoxy resin is applied both on the table top and the legs.

5. Cool New York Map Wood Coffee Table With Glowing Epoxy Resin.

Cool New York Map Wood Coffee Table With Glowing Epoxy Resin
Images of glowing epoxy resin coffee table with new york map engraved and metal frame on top white wooden floor.

This is very cool. The designer of this coffee table is very creative. Creating the tabletop with combination of glowing epoxy and walnut wood engraved with New York map. Don’t we all want our city map in our coffee table?

6. Blue Colored Epoxy Coffee Table.

Blue Colored Epoxy Coffee Table.
Image of a room with paved floor and wooden log on top beside cool and elegant square coffee table with blue colored resin with red cup on top.

What do you think of this image? This prove that epoxy coffee table is matching with industrial style living room. The log chair create old and natural feeling around the coffee table.

7. Coffee Table With Clear Epoxy Resin.

Coffee Table With Clear Epoxy Resin.
Picture of living room with black sofa and live edge coffee table with clear epoxy resin.

The combination of live edge oak wood and clear epoxy create an elegant look to this living room. Put it on metal legs and in front of black sofa on gray striped ceramic tiles.

8. Epoxy Reclaimed Teak Wood Coffee Table.

Epoxy Reclaimed Teak Wood Coffee Table
Image of square reclaimed coffee table with clear epoxy resin and metal frame

This coffee table is very artsy. The epoxy resin combined with reclaimed teak wood make the whole coffee table look elegant and artsy.

9. Epoxy Round Coffee Table.

Outdoor black epoxy river round coffee table with wood frame
Outdoor black epoxy river round coffee table with wood frame.

The round coffee table with black colored epoxy resin is very cool. The photo with green grass on outdoor is taken professionally.

10. Epoxy Inlay Coffee Table.

Epoxy Inlay Coffee Table
Picture of rustic coffee table with epoxy resin inlay.

This traditional epoxy inlay coffee table is very elegant. We like this coffee table so much. The unprocessed wood legs is very creative idea.

11. Rectangular Epoxy Resin Filled Coffee Table.

Rectangular Epoxy Resin Filled Coffee Table.
Image of industrial living room with rectangular black resin coffee table with metal frame.

Once again, epoxy resin coffee table is very suitable with industrial living room. The combination of paved floor and the coffee table is very good.

12. Modern Ikea Resin Coffee Table

Modern Ikea Resin Coffee Table
Images of modern ikea coffee table with cobalt blue resin cracked style and metal frame.

Who doesn’t like Ikea? They built one of the best furniture. This modern ikea coffee table is very good example. The cracked wood design with blue cobalt epoxy resin is very beautifully sits on top of chrome metal base.

13. Cracked Wooden Coffee Table

Cracked Wooden Coffee Table
Cracked style coffee table with clear blue resin

This is very refreshing to the eye. The crystal clear blue resin makes the eyes relaxed. This sure is one of the best combined with the cracked wood style.

14. UK Resin Coffee Table

UK Resin Coffee Table
Image of marble coffee table mixed with crystal clear resin from UK designer

This lagoon tables by LA table is very elegant. The combination of marbles and resin is priceless.

15. Wicker Resin Coffee Table NZ

Wicker Resin Coffee Table NZ
Picture of outdoor oval black wicker coffee table with clear resin top and a plate of grape fruits from nz.

Once again, it’s very simple but yet so elegant. The black oval wicker coffee table is very cute. The blurred see through top made with resin is very textury.

16. Resin Art Coffee Table Canada

Resin Art Coffee Table Canada
Outdoor image of wooden log resin art coffee table on wooden floor

This sure looks like a piece of art. The van gogh style like resin finish is very artsy, combined with round live edge wood log with metal legs.

17. Resin Coffee Table India

Resin Coffee Table India
Epoxy coffee table with metal frame from india

This long rectangle coffee table is defining what we like about coffee table. You can buy it online if you are in India.

18. Resin Coffee Table Etsy

Resin Coffee Table Etsy
Example of resin coffee table for sale on etsy

The resin coffee table on walnut base is sure is amazing. The glowing resin create a cool ambient. If you like it you can find it on etsy!

19. Resin Coffee Table Australia

Resin Coffee Table Australia
epoxy resin coffee table under window and plants in white living room with dark floor

If you are in Australia, be sure to search your local furniture store for this kind of epoxy coffee table.

20. Waterfall Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Waterfall Epoxy Resin Coffee Table
Modern coffee table with blue waterfall epoxy resin

Finally this is very cool design and very inspiring if you want to make a coffee table utilizing epoxy resin. We are all agreed that this furniture looks like a modern piece of art. The epoxy resin looks like a waterfall falling to the side from the top.

So, that’s it our recommendations for epoxy resin coffee table. We hope that you can get some inspiration whether you want to build your own or buy it elsewhere for your living room. Be sure to ask me in the comment section if you have a question regarding of resin coffee table. We would like to try our best answering them. Thanks 😊

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